J.Omolo Foundation

The organization needed a brand identity that evolve more on the sport aspect.

  • RoleVisual Designer
  • StartedDecember 2017
  • CompletionJanuary 2018
  • DeliverableBrand Identity

Tools we used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop CC 2021

Understanding the BRAND

Johanna Omolo Foundation offers a well-rounded environment to develop future talent and bring hope to the people of Dandora. My objective was to come up with brand identity for the organization that will help them communicate to the residence of the community by giving a chance of sports and education together.


Create a brand identity for the company that raises the profile of hard work, trust, and commitment. The brand indenity is represented by a simple typeface element that encompasses both elegance and sophistication which is marked by easy visual readability that’s also easy to remember and easily adaptable to different branding and marketing collaterals.


CMYK and RGB are two different color modes used for printing. Their names refer to the colors they use: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key, or the more traditional Red, Green and Blue. But wait—key isn’t a color! In CMYK, it is. Specifically, key is black. The following presentation is how it will appear when you do branding both on screen (RGB) and materials (CYMK)

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What's next


The goal of the brand identity was to present Learning at your own pace and get a certificate by being certified along the way. The course is purely done online.